Prom 2k16

So this time of year around in my high school here in the PNW is Prom season! Luckily enough as you can see, is my beautiful date! aka my girlfriend! Prom was honestly an amazing experience! Seeing a lot of people in my graduating class all together at our last dance for one last time for great memories. And I thank my girlfriend honestly for just being amazing. And gosh she looks beautiful! Long story short she used to go to my school but ended up moving to California and made the trip to come back for my prom 🙂 Here’s some pictures for ya!IMG_1156IMG_1158IMG_1159IMG_1160IMG_1161IMG_1162IMG_1163IMG_1164IMG_1165IMG_1170IMG_1171IMG_1172IMG_1173IMG_1174IMG_1177IMG_1178IMG_1179IMG_1180IMG_1181IMG_1183IMG_1184IMG_1185IMG_1188IMG_1189IMG_1190IMG_1191IMG_1192IMG_1193IMG_1194IMG_1195IMG_1196IMG_1198IMG_1199IMG_1200IMG_1201IMG_1202IMG_1203IMG_1204


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