Up in the mountain of Haiku!

Hello people! Sneak peak of the video I’m going to post! Hope you enjoy it!!


I am finally a High School graduate!

So on June 18, 2016, I HAVE FINALLY DID IT! I am officially a High School graduate! Wow.. Now this is such a huge accomplishment to me. Knowing I am finally a High School graduate now is just awesome. 4 long years they say.. But now that I think about it, It’s gone by super fast. Lots of ups and downs but now I part my ways and close this chapter to a new beginning. And come to think I was gonna drop out and potentially sell weed LOL. But I finally did it. I would like to thank my school AND the class of 2016!

Last time you’ll see these wheels.. For a while

So just about a week ago I have recently bought new wheels! Same brand just different model obviously. I released on what they looked like on my snapchat but I’m gonna have to keep that low-key so you won’t see my snapchat story right away because well, its on there! I think some of you will like the new setup.. Hopefully. But if not, then I’m sorry? Haha I don’t care. My car so I do what ever the hell I want! haha. Have a good one! Plus if you noticed, I made the picture look a little bit better then normal.. hehe

Little cars & meet for a Sunday

Little meet at a small shop in Renton,WA called Meister Werks! They mostly specialize in Euro cars, air suspension, coiler suspension, and shoot even custom 3 piece wheels! Not a lot of cars since it was Toyota/Scion/Lexus day also know as “TSL” But hey, these cars I took is what really caught my attention!IMG_1205IMG_1207IMG_1208IMG_1209